RUNNOW Airdrop – Earn RUNNOW Tokens For Free

RUNNOW Airdrop – Hello Everyone. Welcome back to our blog. Today we are here with another crypto airdrop RUNNOW Airdrop where you can free RUNNOW tokens.

To complete RUNNOW Airdrop and earn free RUNNOW Tokens, you need to complete easy social media tasks whose steps we have provided below.

Don’t miss this airdrop guys. Follow very few simple steps and you can earn free RUNNOW tokens which may have good value in the future.

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Telegram Freecryptoloot

Reward Structure:

💵 Total prize: Up to 518,000 $RUNNOW ($10,000)

There will be 2,000 winners.
😎 Top 50 with the highest number of referrals, in which:

  • Top 1: 1000 $RUNNOW/user
  • Top 2: 800 $RUNNOW/user
  • Top 3: 600 $RUNNOW/user
  • Top 4: 500 $RUNNOW/user
  • Top 5-10: 400 $RUNNOW/user
  • Top 11-Top 50: 300 $RUNNOW/user

Token distribution: Distribute 20% after TGE 1 week, unlocked 80% after 3 months (at the rate of 20%, 30%, 30% for 3 months).

Airdrop Details:

Airdrop NameRUNNOW Airdrop
Total Airdrop Rewards518,000 $RUNNOW ($10,000)
Total Winners 2,000 winners
Airdrop Start DateMay 24th, 2022
Airdrop End DateJune 20th, 2022
Winner AnnouncementJune 27th, 2022

Steps to Complete RUNNOW Airdrop :

Airdrop Link:

In order to participate in this airdrop you need to fulfill the below requirements:

  • Click on the airdrop link above and follow all the steps specified in the gleam page.
  • Enter your BEP20 wallet address
  • Follow all the social media steps.
  • Refer friends for extra entries.

We will update you regarding the distribution on our telegram channel. So in order to get updates, join our telegram group.

Link to our TELEGRAM Chanel:

Telegram Channel Name: @officialfreecryptoloot

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Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining any airdrops project, also airdrop is 100% free. Also, don’t send any fee or penny for receiving airdrop tokens. Just join airdrop for free.

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